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Be over 18 years old, have a high school degree or equivalent (no proof of it), complete and pass the 63 hour FREC I course (required by the state of Florida), fill the application to the state and pay a fee of $ 83.75 plus $ 49 from electronic fingerprint and pass the state exam (passed with 75 points out of 100). The first step you must take is to register for a real estate course, as it is a requirement to have completed a 63 hour instruction and take an exam at school before taking the state exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DO NOT need to be a RESIDENT of Florida or the USA to obtain a Real Estate License. But you must have a Social Security number. If you do not have one, you should look for an immigration procedure that allows you to receive one. If you live in Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile or live in Venezuela and have a European passport, you could qualify for an E-2 Investor visa, buying a business in the US worth more than $ 50,000 . For more details visit the website www.brokerbusiness.biz

The value of the course is $ 500, and includes the videos of pre-recorded classes, digital material, book in Spanish, certificate and diploma. For people who prefer to read in English we have an alternative Dearborn editorial, written by Linda L. Crawford.

Yes, in fact you can actually read it in both languages. The questions and answers are in Spanish and English. It is highly recommended to read each question and answer in both languages, so you will understand the question better. There are answers (like those that have to do with definitions) that are better understood in English than in Spanish. For example, if you are asked "What is the name of the area where the sales efforts of a real estate agent are focused?" and you read in the answers "Zona Agrícola", it will be easier to remember that in the course we told you that this is known as "Farm Area".

Absolutely. You obtain a license from Real Estate Sales Associate, without distinction of language. You can work in any of the activities that are listed as Real Estate or real estate namely: Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Business Opportunities. You can offer your services and work in any of the real estate brokerage companies, from the best known to the smallest. If you still do not speak English well, you may prefer a company where the broker speaks Spanish and courses are offered in your language.

The same day that passes the state exam can put your license with a broker and start selling in Florida, for the Georgia license, follow the steps shown in the link "STEP BY STEP".

As soon as you pass your exam (requires 75 points), you are already a real estate agent. Your license can be downloaded directly from the DBPR page, by logging into your account. Your license will have an INACTIVE status, which means that you must ACTIVATE by placing it with a BROKER. You will receive many invitations from all known real estate firms, inviting you to join their team.

Remember that you will not receive a salary or salary, it is usual to be hired as an independent contractor. As an independent sales associate, you will earn a commission according to the SPLIT that you have negotiated with your broker. Generally, most companies will offer you a 50-50 split, that is, 50% for you and 50% for the company. This split will increase as you gain experience. Experienced agents can get up to 100% commission in exchange for a fee.

No, you can reside anywhere else. IMPORTANT: It is necessary for applicants to have Social Security number.

INTERNET: You can pay for the COURSE by pressing the button "Buy Now" Using any credit or debit card.

Phone: Call 1-888-635-0026 to give us the data of a credit card or debit card.

DEPOSIT: Making a deposit at the Wells Fargo account school, you can call us and we will send all data to your email.

Yes, if you are over 18, he has good character and has the High School or equivalent. Tell your registrar to opt for a special discount.

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