Smart Real Estate School


Smart Real Estate School is the commercial name of Makro Investment, a company created to help our Hispanic community achieve a better quality of life through this lucrative and fabulous profession as a Real Estate Agent. Its founder, Ricardo Quintero, who began his career in Real Estate, with the idea of earning extra money, fell in love with this profession so much that he decided to dedicate himself completely to it and become not only a Broker but also a Real Estate Instructor, to help others to enter this fascinating career.

Despite the crisis of 2008, he continued to expand and promote the school and his career as a Broker in three states: Colorado, Florida and Georgia. The passion for sharing your knowledge is what you do, that today you are here and can belong to the friendliest educational academy, “Make yourself Real Estate”, which allows you to obtain licenses in the states of Florida and Georgia in a fast and interactive way .

Why with us?

We are in Florida and Georgia, you do not have to go to Florida or spend a month studying the Georgia course. We dictate courses every month (see calendar), so that you take it at your convenience. We have night hours, from Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Ask about other schedules.

Instructor with a Broker License in FLORIDA and GEORGIA (see testimony). In our academy you can keep both licenses updated in one place.

Study techniques to help you pass the Pre-License exam to obtain your Sales Associate license.

Obtain two Licenses with a single course and a single exam, the one from Florida and by mutual recognition also receive the Georgia License. We help you to carry out all the steps without errors. In “step by step” you will find the steps you must follow to obtain both the Florida and Georgia licenses. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us to clarify them. Our wish is that you become a successful Real Estate Agent and join this market as soon as possible.

We teach classes in various locations in Florida and Georgia. Contact us today, please insist, our lines may be busy, but we always have time for you.

Our course is in its same language, with the expressions in English and Spanglish that you should know about the Real Estate business.

Meet our instructor