Florida has mutual recognition with 7 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska and Oklahoma. There is no reciprocity, that is to say, a Real Estate Licensee from Florida, you can NOT exercise Real Estate in another state unless you have obtained a license in that state. Once you obtain your Sales Associate License from Florida, you must apply to obtain a Real Estate Agent License in Georgia. If you are already a real estate agent in Georgia and want to obtain a real estate license in Florida, you must take a course and take an exam of 40 questions, of which 75% must answer, that is, obtain at least 30 points.

Brokers and Sales Associates may qualify for an equivalent type of license in Florida if they meet the following qualifications:

  • They must be over 18 years old and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • The applicant must not be a resident of Florida, at the time of use.

Applicants from Georgia, and Mississippi, must have obtained the real estate license by completing the educational requirements, satisfying the experience requirements, if any, and passing the real estate license exam of a state with which let’s have mutual recognition. Concessionaires can not demand mutual recognition if they obtained their license, in the mutual status, by reciprocity.

All other applicants must have obtained a real estate license by meeting the education and examination requirements of the state with which Florida has mutual recognition.

The applicant must hold a valid, current and active license of real estate, in good standing, published by the agency that licenses the real estate in the state from which the applicant is applying.

The intent of these agreements is to recognize the education and experience that real estate dealers have acquired in another state.

These agreements apply to non-residents licensed in other jurisdictions. Each licensee applying for a Florida license from a state or jurisdiction that has a current mutual recognition agreement with Florida must approve a written Florida specific examination of the real estate law. The exam consists of 40 questions of 1 point in value each. You must obtain 30 points or more to pass the exam.

These agreements also ensure that Florida dealers have equal opportunity for the License in those jurisdictions with which the agreements are concluded. Please note that applicants from Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee must complete additional requirements.

Alabama real estate dealers must have had an active broker or sales associated with the license for at least 12 months during the previous five years if the applicant is a broker Alabama Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Arkansas real estate dealers must have had an active broker or sales associated with the license for at least 12 months during the previous five years if the applicant is a broker. Arkansas mutual recognition agreement.

Oklahoma real estate dealers must have had an active associate’s license from sales for at least 12 months during the previous five years in the office of one or more real estate brokers if the applicant is a sales associate . (Sales associate applicants must have an active license for at least 12 months during the preceding 5 years.)

Applicants for the Tennessee racer must have three years of active experience. Must have had an active license for 3 years before being eligible to register as a broker.

In FLORIDA, the real estate license gives you the right to be recognized as a Real Estate Agent or also called Real Estate Associate or Sales Associate. In order to use the denomination REALTOR, the Agent must register with the National Realtor Association and with a local Real Estate agency. This membership is annual and it is required to have it to use the REALTOR title.

To obtain your License as a Broker or real estate broker, you must have at least 2 years with your license as active Sales Associates, have completed the 45 hours of the Post Licensing course, take the FREC II Pre-License Broker License course 75 hours and approve the exam of the school (70 points) and the one of the state (75 points), to fill the corresponding application and to fulfill with the other collections demanded.

Are you ready to take the step? Register and apply today! Read the steps you must follow to obtain two Licenses with a single course.